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larger in title

Larger Maxthon add-on that will allow you to enlarge the webpage from your current tab
Size: 4 KB
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maxthon add-on enlarge zoom enlarge pointer add tab  
Larger Livemarks Increases livemarks width.
Size: 1 KB
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increase fixed width increaser width signal width  
Deadlock II larger demo Take control of one of seven races as you search for the power of an ancient civilization.
Size: 29.83M
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power search Power Control Civilization 4 civilization  

larger in tags

Blocks (CE handheld, MIPS) Play a Tetris-like game on your handheld...
Size: 26.2 KB
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Game handheld Handheld Movie area handheld restorer tetris  
Playsage WordDash A turn based game where you must create as many words as possible from a board of randomly placed letters. Turns are gained by creating words larger then 3 letters. The larger the word, the more turns
Size: 2.43M
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create words larger larger livemark compute turns and holes  
Image Packer Pack multiple images into a larger one
Size: 1.1 MB
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Merge Merger packer Combine join pack merge image  
gvwm Allows the user workspace to be larger than the screen area.
Size: 228 KB
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virtual workspace grid shared workspace Huddle Workspace  
Exl-Plan Pro (US-C edition) Business plan projections for new/larger businesses (e.g. sales above $1 m). Ideal for preparing business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Based on user's assumptions, Exl-Plan
Size: 4.66MB
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map projections larger projections larger livemark  
Uncle Hextor If you need to discover the format of a binary file, this utility can make the job easier
Size: 4.35MB
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editor hex editor hex file editor Edit Hex Edit Hex Data  

larger in description

SuperREP Huge-dictionary LZ77 preprocessor SuperREP is the first LZ77 compressor that supports dictionaries larger than RAM available. Default settings (-l512) allows to process files that are 20x larger than...
Size: 160 KB
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command prompt compress compressor larger larger livemark  
Bigger Gmail Compose Box Makes the compose box larger than standard 260px (especially helpful when replying). Click 'options' to choose your size. Also, this is on a 5 second timer, so be patient if the box is not larger inst...
Size: 21.62K
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Make Info Box  
Film Grain The larger the file you are running it on, the larger the value you should have for Strength. The value for Sharpness depends on your preferences, but I usually start at 1 and go from there. The lower...
Size: 1.7 MB
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effect generate image image effect rgb film grain width  
onlinebklins1 Or, how about the ability to show a larger version of an image - without the visitor having leave your page when the larger image opens in a new browser window. It certainly is! But how difficult is i...
Size: 0.55 MB
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javascript popup  
ShaDown Your Shazam tagged songs list grows larger and larger. Tired of manually downloading each song? Then this utility is for you. It will let you download the whole list of tagged songs without a hassle, ...
Size: 18.62MB
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BRIZ MPEG Joiner MPEG Joiner - easily join multiple MPEG files into one larger MPEG file MPEG Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to join multiple MPEG files into one larger MPEG file. MPEG Joiner designed to join MPEG file...
Size: 521 KB
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MPEG Joiner Theora files joiner image joiner movie joiner